Blankets, pillowcases, curtains in large series or unique dog and cat baskets  – we offer textile processing and ready-made clothing of all kinds (except textile clothing).

We are an experienced textile processor with the highest quality standards and reliability!

  • sewing
  • Manual and digital cutting
  • marker-making
  • digitalisation
  • gear
  • coating
  • embossing
  • embroidery
  • punching
  • Application-related special equipment


Individual special designs according to customer requirements.

  • Technical textiles
  • imitation leather
  • felt fabrics
  • beading
  • plush fabric
  • spacer fabrics
  • Under and top covers for seating furniture
  • Under and top covers for sleeping furniture
  • light tissue
  • acoustic fabric
  • pleated blind
  • sun protection
  • Decoration
  • dog baskets
  • cat baskets
  • blankets
  • Sample catalogues for decorative and upholstery fabrics


motorhome / caravan


aerospace industry

furniture manufacturer

store chains


prototype development

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